Walgreens Adds Kronik Energy Drinks

Walgreens is adding KroniCo LLC’s Kronik Energy drink formulas to 261 locations throughout Southern California.

Already the fourth best-selling brand in Arizona and officially known as “Chronic Fatigue’s worst nightmare,” Kronik Energy drinks are a major player in the energy category.

“We are so honored to be welcomed into the Walgreens family; this is a huge win for us, and some major validation for the brand,” said Chris Wickson executive vice president of sales and marketing. “This further solidifies our place in Southern California, and will be a stepping stone into other area retailers.”  Initially 4 flavors will be available (Blue Citrus, Blue Citrus Low-Carb, Vengence and Dragon Berry) with room for more in the future.

“We continually hear from our loyal customers that they cannot easily find our products,” said James Gabriele Kronik’s vice president of operations. “The Walgreen’s deal gives us another major retailer in the Southwestern U.S. and further expands our availability.”

Under the agreement Kronik will be placing a custom branded four-tier display rack at each location, as well as custom in-store POS materials and promotional pricing. Management believes that this agreement strongly bolsters the Kronik Energy brand in a market with many potential new consumers. To help ensure a successful launch of their products, Kronik Energy will be a major sponsor of the sold-out Cali Christmas even being held this year at the Gibson Amphitheater in Dec. 16 2011. For more information visit www.power106.com.


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