Brink’s Introduces New Smart Supply Chain Solutions

“The earlier in the supply chain that Brink’s can help automate the deposit process the bigger the benefit to the bottom line,” says Brink’s spokesperson.

Brink’s U.S., a provider of secure logistics solutions, announces its latest payment automation solutions: Check Imaging for Brink’s award-winning CompuSafe Service, Cash Room Automation Solution for retailers, and outsourced lockbox solution.

Combining specialized hardware and software solutions with Brink’s industry leading cash, coin and check processing creates a Smart Supply Chain designed to drive efficiencies, lower risk and optimize cash inventories.

“Brink’s goal is to help both our banking and commercial customers create a smarter supply chain,” said Jim Poteet, senior vice president of product strategy and innovation for Brink’s U.S. “Our focus is on containing costs, reducing risk and increasing visibility for every payment and transaction.”

These new solutions complement Brink’s current payment processing offerings, leveraging expertise in specialized payments processing from third-party companies to create even more choices for managing an organization’s supply chain:

• Brink’s CompuSafe Check Imaging–Turns currency and checks into digital payment streams to give retailers accelerated access to their cash flow. Removing paper from the supply chain means merchants don’t have to leave their location to take deposits to the bank and then wait several days for the deposit to be credited. Same-day transmittal accelerates check presentment and improves visibility into their cash position. Brink’s CompuSafe Check Imaging also reduces the risk of accepting non-sufficient funds (NSF) items.

• Cash Room Automation Solution for Retailers – Retailers with high volumes of cash face unique business challenges. They must manage their cash inventory for store operations while also reducing excess cash on hand to optimize their liquidity. Brink’s has worked with top retailers to develop an end-to-end solution, which integrates third-party cash recycler technology with Brink’s cash processing, accelerated credit and secured armored transportation services.

The first currency recycler to be certified for use with Brink’s Cash Room Automation Solution is Glory’s RBG-300 Intelligent Cash Recycler.

Glory is one of several currency recycler providers that Brink’s is working with in order to be able to offer a wide selection of recycler technology to retailers. The combined Cash Room Automation Solution will increase visibility and provide better business intelligence for retailers’ cash supply chain.

• Outsourced Lockbox Solution – Through Brink’s nationwide network of facilities, efficient local lockbox solutions can be delivered to regional and community banks. This solution gives financial institutions the ability to service commercial customers without the capital outlay of acquiring new facilities. Brink’s will image the checks and associated remittance documents and then transmit the data to Cash Management Solutions (CMS) Inc. for a seamless process. Banks can rely on CMS and Brink’s for a high quality, distributed lockbox solution.

“Each of these solutions helps eliminate the manual and time-consuming processes that are associated with checks and cash,” Poteet said. “The earlier in the supply chain that Brink’s can help automate the deposit process the bigger the benefit to the bottom line.”

Brink’s new smart supply chain solutions was recently featured at the 2011 AFP Annual Conference, Nov. 6 – 9 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.



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