Celebrate America Recycles Day

West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association works to recycle and encourages other organizations to join in the cause ahead of America Recycles Day.

The West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association, representing convenience stores, independent groceries and petroleum marketers across the state, is working to do its part to recycle and conserve resources.

The association’s efforts include recycling the cardboard and plastic packaging many products are shipped in to recycling and conserving the water used in the car washes at local convenience stores.

Tuesday, Nov. 15 is National America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling in the U.S.

The West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association  is encouraging everyone to explore ways to recycle and conserve resources in their daily lives.

For more information on recycling and conservation strategies, visit www.americarecyclesday.org.  While on the site, consider signing a pledge to learn about recycling opportunities in your community as well as committing to recycling one new type of material.


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