Alon Brands Announces New Trade Name

New marketplace identity positions Alon Brands for the next generation.

Alon Brands, the Dallas-based supplier and marketer of fuels and the largest licensee of 7-Eleven in the U.S., is changing the company’s trade name and associated brand mark from FINA to ALON.

In a process that will occur during the next 10 months, the company will team with distributors across the South and Southwest to install new ALON signage and to communicate the new trade name to retail customers through regional and local advertising, promotion and community relations initiatives.  Additionally, the new brand mark will begin appearing at the company’s more than 300 retail locations in Texas and New Mexico during the same timeframe.

“Our movement to the ALON trade name sends a clear message of opportunity to our distributors and to the motoring public, better aligns us to our dependable source of supply and builds on the existing equity of the Alon brand,” said Kyle McKeen, president and CEO of Alon Brands.  “This new trade name characterizes Alon’s deeply rooted business values and culture – including a partnership-to-success mentality, highly valued relationships, reliability and strong, dependable lines of supply – attributes that, for years, have been voiced by distributors and others who do business with us as central to their affiliation.”

Development of the combined new trade name and visual identity, designed to replace the more than 50 year old FINA name and mark, needed to accomplish twin goals of the company – delivering a new level of excitement and opportunity throughout the business, while honoring and preserving the company’s strong heritage.  According to McKeen, the new image exceeds everyone’s expectations.

“Successfully operating convenience stores in today’s highly challenging environment means having every aspect of the business performing at optimal levels,” said McKeen.  “Our plans for implementing the new market identity have passed the most critical test, and that’s securing the confidence of the distributors we serve and support, demonstrating our redoubled commitment to innovation, service and support to convenience store owners and operators. We’re excited about the future.”

Headquartered in Dallas, Alon Brands is the largest 7-Eleven licensee in North America, marketing motor fuel products at more than 600 distributor-serviced locations in the Southwest.  The company’s products also are sold at more than 300 additional company-owned locations in Texas and New Mexico.



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