NACS 2011 Hunt Brothers

New products from Hunt Brothers. Self rising dough and delivered frozen with sauce and cheese eliminates 90% of your labor concerns. 12-inch or a “hunk” 1/4 of a large pizza, all toppings no extra charge. Limited Time Offers (LTO’s) include the current Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and coming in 2012, a new Buffalo Chicken Pizza. A new Wings and Boneless Wing Program will be rolling out in 2012 as well. “Made For Me” our slogan and promise to you, compliments your store offering, budgets and profit goals. 6,500 location penetration to date and a 93% supplier satisfaction rate should help reinforce your decision to include Hunt Brothers into your foodservice operation. Potential Gross Margins estimated at $368/sq ft. Turnkey installation makes it easy to get started. Direct Store Delivery means product is fresh and excess inventory no longer an issue.


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