Slice Like a Pro

Baxter’s bread slicers provide a convenient way to slice artisan breads. Among the quietest in the industry, Baxter slicers are ideally suited for a theater-style baking environment. Baxter bread slicers are offered with either manual or automatic operation in a range of sizes. Manual slicers feature an easy-to-use slice lever, enabling users to control the slice pressure. Automatic models replace the lever with push-button operation with a built-in slice management system that automatically adjusts slice pressure according to loaf consistency. Automatic models can be set for continuous slicing; electronic eye sensors stop slicing operation if a user accidentally places his or her hand or other object in the loading area. Baxter slicers come in freestanding and countertop sizes. All models include a bagging spade, which can be reversed to match production flow, and an easy-to-clean crumb collector. A stand is also available for countertop models, providing additional storage as well as the ideal working height.
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