Reduce Payments Costs

ACI Worldwide Inc., an international provider of payment systems, has announced the latest release of ACI Retail Commerce Server. This version is integrated with ISD Corp.’s In-Store suite of products, following the acquisition of ISD in March 2011. ACI now serves 14 of the top 25 U.S. retailers. The combined offerings of ISD and ACI Worldwide give merchants a complete payment processing and value-add solution; from driving the point of interaction devices in the stores, through to authorization and settlement, while reducing scope of PCI compliance. Existing ISD customers can move to an ACI On Demand model, which relieves the merchant of installing, deploying, configuring and maintaining the software solution. This offer includes the additional Retail Commerce Server self-managed solutions, such as gift cards, loyalty, check management and refund management. For existing customers of Retail Commerce Server, integrating the ISD In-Store solution enables them to significantly reduce the scope and cost of PCI compliance by managing the sensitive card data on behalf of the POS network.
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