Speedway Selects NCR To Power Loyalty Program

NCR c-tailing solutions to help Speedway drive personalized customer interactions across multiple channels.

Speedway LLC has selected the NCR Advanced Marketing Solution and NCR Enterprise Preference Manager from NCR Corp. to power its next-generation Speedy Rewards customer loyalty program.

With approximately 1,375 stores in seven states, Speedway ranks as the fourth largest chain of company-owned and operated gasoline and convenience stores in the U.S., and the largest in the Midwest.

Speedway will use the NCR software to implement personalized marketing promotions based on customers’ purchase behavior and preferences. This ability will enable Speedway to focus more on one-to-one offers to Speedy Rewards members, while continuing to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality for customer data.

“This investment will help Speedway enhance the way that we interact with our members and offer a more relevant, highly personalized shopping experience,” said Christi Frizzell, manager, customer relationship for Speedway. “Our Marketing team will also be able to more effectively leverage our technology platforms to develop highly effective offers and create the seamless, personalized experience demanded by on-the-go consumers.”

“Offering consumers a way to manage their shopping experience based on their presence and preference in a channel enables forward-looking retailers like Speedway to drive customer loyalty and build enduring relationships with customers,” said Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager of NCR’s retail line of business. “These retailers can influence purchasing decisions and optimize sales by delivering relevant, consistent information to consumers from the beginning to the end of the shopping process.”

The NCR Enterprise Preference Manager is software that enables retailers to provide an online portal through their Website for customers to manage their shopping experience by configuring their preferences for communications, promotions, events and languages across retailers’ channels. The NCR Advanced Marketing Solution allows retailers to streamline the management of multichannel promotion delivery by eliminating systems and business processes, while also reducing operations and IT support requirements.

Both products are part of the NCR c-tailing solutions, a set of software and services that enable retailers to offer consumers greater personalization and consistency across channels, such as the Internet, mobile devices, social media and in the store. These converged retailing solutions enable retailers to differentiate themselves, lower operating costs and attract today’s empowered and elusive consumer.




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