Relaxation Shot Eases Stress

iChill aims to relieve the stress that any traveler can have while traveling. Whether it’s a fear of flying—said to affect 25% of people—or other travel-related stress, iChill’s expertly formulated blend of Melatonin, Valerian Root, Rose Hips and B vitamins helps calm the body and mind before a flight or venture into an airport. Available in a Blissful Berry flavor, iChill results in relaxation, less stress and a better night’s sleep, which can assist in alleviating jet lag. With zero sugar, carbohydrates and calories, iChill is a healthy way to calm any traveler’s fears or anxieties. Sold by the case or in packs of two, iChill is the easiest and healthiest way to “chillax.” Unlike a 16-ounce bottle of carbonated fizz, iChill’s two-ounce option complies with airport security restrictions making it an essential carry-on item.
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