Rutter’s Announces September Prize Winners

Register, Scan and Win Sweepstakes delivers prizes to lucky customers.

Rutter’s delivered good news to many loyal customers this week, announcing the latest winners in the Register, Scan and Win sweepstakes.

The grand prize, a 42-inch flat screen TV, was given to Kimberly Moser of Wrightsville, Pa., who couldn’t believe her luck. “I can’t remember the last time I won something, and I’ve never won anything this big before! What a thrill,” said Moser.
Ashleigh Kessler of Felton and Jamie Mitchell of York both won a month of free gas at Rutter’s.
Other prizes included coupons for a free hot dog, Coca-Cola 12-pack and an ultra-combination with Rain-X car wash. Some other prize winners received $1 added to the balance of their Rutter’s Rewards card, which can be used to lower the price of gas at Rutter’s pumps, while still others received a $10 Rutter’s gift card.
Details about the Rutter’s Rewards program and the Register, Scan and Win Sweepstakes can be found at
York, Pa.- based Rutter’s Farm Stores is a family-owned and third generation managed business operating 56 convenience stores throughout central Pennsylvania.




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