Ricker’s and LIFT Announce Agreement

LIFT Station helps retailers effortlessly up-sell shoppers.

Ricker Oil Co. and LIFT Retail Marketing Technology announced a multi-year agreement for a chain-wide rollout of LIFT’s suggestive selling solution – an award-winning point-of-sale technology that recommends upsell items to shoppers based on what the shopper is currently purchasing.

 “We are excited to be installing the LIFT Station in our Ricker’s convenience stores. We found that LIFT empowers our cashiers and helps us do a better job of engaging our customers” said Quinn Ricker, president of Ricker Oil Co., an Anderson, Ind.-based company with more than 50 c-stores through the Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne markets.  “We extensively tested LIFT and conducted a thorough ROI analysis, confirming the positive financial impact of LIFT to our bottom line.”

“The LIFT Station personalizes the experience for each shopper, helps our cashiers provide great customer service, and sell more,” added Keith Broviak, director of marketing for Ricker’s. “Our customers like that the offers are relevant to what they are buying, and the line keeps moving quickly because of the way LIFT can automatically add the upsold item to the transaction.”

“Ricker’s is a top notch operator and we are excited to be rolling out LIFT with a recognized industry leader. In addition to helping Ricker’s upsell, the LIFT Station helps Ricker’s personalize the shopper experience with relevant offers,” said Wells Burke, CEO of LIFT.

The LIFT Station is a point-of-sale digital marketing hub. When an item is scanned the LIFT Station determines the best upsell offer based on what the shopper is buying, the retailer’s promotional calendar, day-part, week-part, profitability, and natural purchase affinities. The LIFT Station then presents the recommended item to the shopper on a touchscreen display and simultaneously engages the cashier with a friendly sales script to help close the deal. The LIFT Station tracks and reports key metrics on cashier performance and offer effectiveness.



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