Pacific Pride, J.E. Clark II Corp. Renew Franchise Agreement

The 15-year old California franchise upgrades fueling locations.

J.E. Clark II Corp. recently upgraded its facilities with new equipment and high speed diesel for commercial trucking customers and renewed its long-term franchise agreement with Pacific Pride Services LLC, a subsidiary of Wright Express Corp.

The upgraded fueling facilities include a “contractors’ island” with regular gasoline and clear and red diesel for farm and construction customers, as well as a “gasoline island” with regular and premium unleaded gasoline, to better suit customers’ fueling needs.

“J.E. Clark II Corp. has been a Pacific Pride franchisee for 15 years, we are thrilled that the company decided to continue our existing relationship to achieve its goal of servicing and attracting commercial fueling customers through fleet card programs, first-class fueling facilities and improved convenience for its drivers,” said Gregory Iverson, president of Pacific Pride Services.

Additionally, all fuel islands now each have their own fuel card readers and canopy-covered sites to make fueling more convenient and secure.

“According to our customers, we have achieved our goals towards meeting their needs, and we have heard nothing but compliments about the new equipment, canopies and lighting,” said Nancy Anderson, corporate treasurer at J.E. Clark II Corp.




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