Ice Maker/Bagger/Merchandiser

Convenience stores can now make and bag up to 200 10-pound bags (1,800-2,000 pounds) of pure KOLD-DRAFT ice per day—on the premises—with KOLD-DRAFT’s new GB2060 Series ice machine, now available as part of the automatic ISB Ice Bagging System. The all-in-one ice maker/bagger/merchandiser system eliminates trucked-in ice deliveries, helps retailers increase profit margins selling their own brand of ice and reduces labor costs. The GB2060 Series is actually two 1,000-pound machines mounted together. As independent ice-making systems, the machines provide redundancy, so that if one side should stop working, the other side will keep producing ice. The side-by-side machines also take up less space than one 2,000-pound machine. The machines have electronic controls and a water-saving water tank, making them more energy-efficient and using less power than mechanical controls. The machines’ also have separate controls meaning that ice harvesting alternates from one machine to the other.
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