Jr. Joins Java Family

Midwest coffee roaster Paramount Coffee Co. has introduced a new eight-ounce addition to the “perfect cup of Joe” family of coffee blends: Jr. Coffee. The family of Joe Coffee Products includes Joe, Joy and Jr. Joe comes in four true-brew blends: “Wake Up Joe” medium roast, “Unleaded” medium roast decaf, “Tall, Dark and Handsome” dark roast and “Joe’s Gal Hazel” hazelnut roast. Feisty and feminine, Joy adds her own flair to the basic flavors of Joe: “She’s Nuts” toasted coconut ground and “French Diva-Nilla” French vanilla ground. Jr. is a pint-sized tasteful resemblance of Joe and comes in “Short, Dark and Cute” and “Wake Up Jr.” The Joe family offers Joe-lovers the “average Joe” price and flavor that is anything but average.
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