Rutter’s Announces Latest Sweepstakes Winners

Customers who used their Rutter’s Rewards card in August had the chance to win prizes including a free month of gas and a flat-screen TV.

York, Pa.-based Rutter’s Farm Stores added a little sunshine to the rainy end of summer in central Pennsylvania this week by announcing the latest set of winners in the Register, Scan and Win Sweepstakes.

Customers who scanned their registered Rutter’s Rewards card were entered into the monthly prize drawing each time their card was scanned in August. Prizes for the month included a free month of gas, a flat-screen TV, $1 added to Rutter’s Rewards card balances, a Rutter’s cheese steak, a Coca-Cola 12-Pack and a car wash.

The Rutter’s Rewards program allows customers to accumulate rewards in the form of cents-off-per-gallon of fuel. More than 1,600 items in Rutter’s Farm Stores have anywhere from one to 10 cent reward values assigned. Customers earn rewards on each qualifying purchase. These rewards are redeemable immediately, but also valid for 60 days from the date each one is earned.

“Our program makes it easy for customers to earn lots of rewards. We also give our customers a lot more time to accumulate and redeem rewards, so most of our customers see really big savings at the pump compared to a few cents here and there with other programs.  A Rutter’s customer who buys a coffee and a sandwich on the way to work every morning will spend about $20, but will walk away with at least 10 cents in rewards,” explained Jeff Leedy, chief customer officer for Rutter’s Farm Stores, which operates 56 c-stores in central Pennsylvania. “Many programs require a $50 or $100 purchase to earn 10 cents in rewards. Our program is much more ‘user-friendly’ comparatively,” he added.  

Details about the Rutter’s Rewards program and the Register, Scan and Win Sweepstakes can be found at




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