McLane-NATSO Quarterly Index Up 24%

Hot dispensed beverages up 54% for the three-month period, ended June 30, 2011.

Total merchandise purchases by truckstops nationwide served by McLane Corp. increased 24% during the 2011 second quarter, compared with a year earlier, led largely by hot and cold beverage sales along with commissary, foodservice, dairy and deli sales, according to the McLane-NATSO Index.

The index, designed to illustrate market trends within the truckstop and travel plaza industry by comparing the weekly wholesale sales of supply chain provider McLane to truckstop convenience stores, found that hot dispensed beverages like coffee, cappuccino, lattes and tea jumped 54% for the three-month period, ended June 30, 2011.

The increase was driven largely by rapidly escalating coffee bean prices, which jumped 50% between March 2010 to March 2011, forcing retailers to charge more for coffee or reduce their margins.

The 2011 Second Quarter McLane-NATSO Index shows that sales of commissary, dairy and deli products jumped 23% compared with the same period a year earlier as retailers continue to market these higher margin products. Cold dispensed beverage sales, meanwhile, increased 22%. These two categories reflect a growing trend toward “grab and go” food at truckstops.

“Our mission at NATSO is to advance the success of our truckstop and travel plaza members,” stated Lisa Mullings, president & CEO of NATSO.  “This index allows our members to better understand customer buying trends so that they can better meet their customer needs.”

“Consumers, including independent truck drivers, have a variety of options today on where and how to spend their money.  For plaza owners who want to reach this audience with the right products —convenience merchandise, other non-fuel products and services — The McLane-NATSO Index is a valuable tool,” said Steve Brady, McLane vice president sales, military and convenience stores.

Total merchandise purchases include the range of convenience store items sold at a truckstop, excluding cigarettes, divided into nine other categories including candy, snacks, non-alcoholic packaged beverages, automotive products, commissary, food service, other dairy and deli products and hot and cold dispensed beverages.

McLane tracks its weekly wholesale sales for more than 900 truckstop locations nationwide. The complete index report, including regional breakdowns, is circulated free to all NATSO members.

This index represents a cornerstone in NATSO’s efforts to supply key statistical and industry reports that will provide its members, their trucking customers and suppliers insight into the size, scope and health of the truckstop and travel plaza industry.

McLane, with over $30 billion in annual revenue, provides supply chain services solutions for grocery and foodservice customers across the US. With 38 modern distribution centers and one of the nation’s largest private fleets, McLane optimizes the purchase, flow and sale of products from 1000’s of suppliers to over 50,000 locations.




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