Rutter’s Gives Away Another Year of Gas

Arthur Bankert of Fawn Grove, Pa., is the latest winner of a free year of gas in Rutter’s Fuel Up Free contest.

Bankert is the sixth winner in the summer contest that, at its end in September, will have given away a year’s worth of gas to 8 loyal Rutter’s customers.

It’s hard to say which of his qualifying purchases gave him the win, there are several qualifying items posted on the Rutter’s website each month, but it’s easy to see how a frequent customer like Bankert put the odds of winning in his favor.

“I stop in for a cup of coffee almost every morning, and some mornings I meet a few people at the store to sit and talk,” says Bankert.

Customers must scan their card when they make a purchase from a designated list of qualified items to be entered into the drawing for the Fuel Up Free contest.

The Rutter’s Rewards loyalty program started in October of 2009. Nearly 1600 items at each of the chain’s 56 convenience stores has a rewards value ranging from 1 cent to 10 cents per gallon. Each time one of these items is purchased, the customer nets the reward amount in cash savings on a purchase of up to 20 gallons of gas. Each reward is redeemable immediately, but also valid for 60 days from the date on which it is earned.

York, Pa.-based Rutter’s Farm Stores, Convenience Store Decisions’ 2010 Convenience Store Chain of the Year, operates 56 stores in central Pennsylvania.


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