New Fuel Efficiency Record Set

New world record surpasses 2025 government mileage standards with non-hybrid vehicle thanks to the Shell Smart Driver program.

After 23 days on the road, John and Helen Taylor, known as the world’s most fuel efficient couple, set a new world fuel efficiency record with Shell.

The couple achieved an average 64.42 miles per gallon in an unmodified, non-hybrid gasoline vehicle throughout their 48 contiguous U.S. state journey, where they used simple tips to drive smarter. Their final mileage achieved is 53.39% greater than the Environmental Protection Agency’s estimated highway fuel economy for the vehicle they drove and surpasses the minimum requirement of 54.5 mpg announced by the government for passenger vehicles to achieve by 2025.

The Taylors’ record setting drive was part of the Shell Smarter Driving program, which launched on Aug.1, to demonstrate to everyday drivers that they too can use simple tips to stretch their fuel and budget.

Using the program, the Taylors were able to go the distance only fuelling up the 12.6 gallon tank nearly 12 times along their route. The Taylors filled their tank exclusively with Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines and demonstrated that fuel efficiency doesn’t mean sacrificing quality at the pump.
“Helen and I are both thrilled with the 64.42 miles per gallon world record we set,” said John Taylor. “This shows that we can all follow a few simple steps behind the wheel and use the right products to help improve our fuel efficiency today. Through the Shell Smarter Driving program, anyone can ‘MAP’ their way to improved mileage and savings at the pump.”
The “MAP” to Smarter Driving includes:
·         Maintenance: Performing smart vehicle maintenance before you drive.
·         Actions: Practicing smart behaviors and actions while you’re behind the wheel.
·         Products: Purchasing smart products and services at the right price without sacrificing quality.

“As global energy demand rises, Shell continues to improve energy use for transportation through Smarter Mobility. That’s why the Taylors’ record-setting drive is so important,” said Dan Little, North America fuels marketing manager for Shell Oil Products U.S. “It proves that everyone can make a difference.  That’s the reason we launched the Shell Smarter Driving program, which is designed to help motorists make the most of their fuel purchases and our natural energy resources.”
As part of the tour, the Taylors stopped at select Shell stations along their journey to fill their tank and hold on-site meet-and-greets with consumers where they informed them about simple fuel efficiency tips, including ways to save money on high-quality fuel at Shell by leveraging grocer loyalty reward programs in select markets and using payment options that can offer significant discounts.
For their cross country trip, the Taylors drove a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco, which achieves an EPA-estimated 42 mpg on the highway. It contains a turbocharged, 1.4-liter engine that performs like a larger engine when needed, but retains the efficiency of a smaller four-cylinder engine in most driving conditions.
To engage consumers in the Smarter Driving program and become smarter drivers, Shell is also offering a chance to win a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco and a year’s supply of free Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines. From now to Sept. 15, 2011, consumers can enter by submitting a 140 or less word entry about how they plan to drive smarter. A winner will be randomly selected and awarded the sweepstakes prizes.  
In addition to the sweepstakes, Shell is also inviting everyone to test their Smarter Driving knowledge or IQ to see if they’re making the most of their fuel purchases through a fun and engaging online tool.
To learn more about the Taylors’ record setting drive, enter the sweepstakes, test your Smarter Driving IQ, or obtain more information about the Shell Smarter Driving program, visit or go to


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