Employee Unionization: Is Your Chain Ready?

How versed are you on current labor laws regarding union organizing? Do you know about the rules changes in regulations occurring within the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Department of Labor? Do you have a strategy plan for maintaining positive employee relations and effective union organizing strategies and tactics?

If not, plan on attending the 2011 National Advisory Group (NAG) conference, September 10-13th in beautiful Savannah, GA. Attendees will gain timely insights into this issue and many other intriguing topics affecting convenience store operators. Jeff Usher, an renowned expert in this field will conduct this session that will include other retailers and their experiences.

You will emerge a better operator by attending this session and you will have a lot of fun in doing so. NAG is an organization of small-to mid-size convenience chains and the executives that run them. Join your peers in building profits and relationships. For full program details and to register please visit www.nagconvenience.com. For additional details please contact info@nagconvenience.com.

Hope you will join us in September!


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