FDA: Not So Fast on Relaxation Brownies

The Food and Drug Administration is warning the makers of melatonin-laced brownies called “Lazy Larry” that it considers them unsafe and could seize the brownies from store shelves if the company continues to make them.

Last week the FDA sent the Memphis-based company that makes them, HBB LLC, a warning letter which has been obtained by The Associated Press.

In the AP report, the FDA said it does not consider melatonin to be a safe food additive. A number of convenience stores and smoke shops in Central Florida area sell the brownies.

Purple Haze Tobacco and Accessories owner Leo Calzadilla said he does not support an outright ban. “There are irresponsible store owners that are basically selling it to kids and obviously that’s where the problems start,” Calzadilla, whose store is in Madeira Beach, Fla., told the Associated Press.

There is a label on the brownie that says it is not suitable for children, but it is in small print, and the packaging has a cartoon character on it.

Calzadilla said one solution may be to control where the brownies are sold. “They restrict certain ages to buy alcohol so they should maybe do something like that with the Lazy Cakes,” he said.

Calzadilla said his store only sells the brownies to people who are over 18 years of age.

A spokeswoman for HBB told the Associated Press that executives are still reviewing the letter with lawyers and are not yet commenting on the FDA warning.


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