Cheese Jerky Entices Customers

Snack Patrol’s Cheese Jerky combines premium shredded beef jerky with award-winning farmstead string cheese, offering something new to the market that has never been done before. Often times, string cheese is made from powdered milk, resulting in a much cheaper, bland tasting cheese. Cheese Jerky is made with Grade A milk from Wisconsin cows. Available in both Peppered and Original flavors, the cheese jerky is available at c-stores nationwide including Kwik Trip, which added the product to its fresh grab-and-go section in March, and announced it was “selling like hotcakes.” The product retails for around 99 cents per 1.5-ounce piece. The snack offers a long refrigerated shelf life and follows consumer trends.

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  1. I check out this product, lots of good press so far.  Looking forward to trying it it out.

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