Tallboy Cans

Narragansett Beer has released 24-ounce Tallboy cans for the first time in the brew’s 120-year history. Due to increasing customer demand for easily-transportable, single-serving cans, Narragansett Lager 24-ounce Tallboys are available throughout New England for a suggested retail price of $1.59-$1.95. While larger cans, such as the 24-ounce offering, are common for inexpensive and low-quality macrobrews and light beer, Narragansett has become recognized for its signature 16-ounce Tallboy as both high-volume and high-quality. The 24-ounce introduction will allow the brand to further expand availability of its award- winning, easy-drinking lager. Narragansett Lager is the highest-rated domestic premium lager on BeerAdvocate.com, received a bronze medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup and most recently was awarded first place at the 18th Great International Beer Festival.

For More Information From Narragansett Lagar visit www.narragansettbeer.com/products/lagar


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