Suggest Focus Ares For PCI Review

One month remaining to propose topics for PCI Council Special Interest Groups.

 The PCI Security Standards Council is inviting the PCI community to submit ideas for the formation of new Special Interest Groups (SIG) Council SIGs focus on developing guidance or providing recommendations on areas of the PCI Standards and supporting programs that may need clarification.

PCI SSC Special Interest Groups leverage the industry expertise of the Council’s Participating Organizations to incorporate their ideas and input into the work of the Council. SIGS provide significant contributions to the global payments community through clarifying specific requirements within a PCI Standard, examining how PCI Standards work within any given industry or environment, or helping organizations better understand the Standards and technologies that may help them meet their payment security needs.

To date, Special Interest Groups have collaborated to examine and deliver guidance on topics including wireless security.

More than 600 Participating Organizations and hundreds of Qualified Security Assessors, as well as other stakeholder may submit proposals to the Council.

Proposals for new SIGS must be provided to the Council by August 29, 2011. The Council will then create shortlist to be presented to all attendees at the PCI SSC annual Community Meetings in North America and Europe in September and October 2011, followed by voting period in November.

The Council invites Participating Organizations and Qualified Security Assessors to complete a standard form available on the Council’s Website to propose formation of a Special Interest Group. This form will gather information on the proposed SIG topic and objectives, participants, deliverables and market need.

For more information on forming a Special Interest Group or questions on completing the standard form, please visit or contact the PCI Security Standards Council at

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