Nugget Ice Machines

Manitowoc offers two types of nugget ice machines that complement any food and beverage applications from carbonated beverages to blended smoothies, making them perfect for use in convenience stores.

The RN Series ice machine produces a tubular nugget ice ideal for dispensing in beverage applications, as the longer nugget discourages congealing. The ice shape is about 5/8-inch in diameter by one-inch average length. Available RN Series models include:  RN400 modular, RN1000 modular, RN1400 modular and two remote options. The RNS Series ice machine produces a smaller nugget about 3/8 to half an inch wide and 3/8 to half an inch long with some larger and some smaller pieces mixed in.  The RNS Series models include: RNS0244 undercounter, RNS0385 undercounter, and RNS0300 modular ice machines. All Manitowoc Nugget ice machines feature robust bearings for long life, dual layer evaporators for maximum heat transfer, stainless-steel augers for durability, and rigorous reliability testing for all.

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