Martin Eagle Oil’s Fuel Management System Saves The Day

After someone tampers with a gas pump, the SIMMONS ClearView system alerts Martin Eagle Oil to the problem in time to avoid a huge loss of fuel inventory.

Denton, Texas-based Martin Eagle Oil saved thousands of dollars in potential fuel loss this month all because it had the foresight to install the SIMMONS ClearView continuous fuel monitoring system. That move paid off after someone tampered with a gas pump at the company’s Midway Truck Stop in Ponder, Texas, and the ClearView system made quick work of alerting Martin Eagle Oil to a problem.

One of Martin Eagle’s key solutions is tank monitors in its clients’ underground or aboveground fuel storage tanks.  At predetermined times of the day, inventory levels are read by the monitors and transmitted to a central data center.  Tank inventory is delivered via email twice daily so the inventory in any tank can be analyzed to make decisions regarding optimal order times and volume. Martin Eagle Oil installed SIMMONS ClearView continuous fuel monitoring system in most of its locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to optimize its fuel management system. 

Early on July 6, the ClearView system transmitted July 5 data to SIMMONS data center to be analyzed.  The ClearView alert system immediately flagged a very large loss of fuel at the Midway Truck Stop.  ClearView also pinpointed the exact time and the specific fueling position that was selling fuel.  The loss of fuel was equal to the amount of fuel sold.  SIMMONS notified Bill Meek, controller at Martin Eagle Oil about a possible meter or other equipment failure.

Martin Eagle promptly sent a technician to the site where he discovered that someone had tampered with the dispenser and disabled one of two pulsers in the dispenser.  The dispensing equipment modification allowed two gallons of fuel to be dispensed for each gallon recorded as sold.

 “The quick response from SIMMONS ClearView prevented fuel losses that otherwise may not have been identified for several days,” said Steve Martin, CEO of Martin Eagle Oil (MEO).  “The average sales for this dispenser are over 900 gallons per day with diesel prices of almost $4 per gallon.  Since the customer would have seen half that amount on his bill, the savings to MEO is about $1800 per day.  This single event provides an ROI that pays MEO to use the ClearView service from SIMMONS at all sites for more than one year.  We are very pleased.”

 “Choosing SIMMONS ClearView made great business sense for our company,”noted Meek.  “With SIMMONS ClearView solution, Martin Eagle is able to continuously monitor all fuel inventories at every location where it is installed.  ClearView provides an immediate alert to Martin Eagle, should a fuel loss occur.  ClearView is the ultimate solution for continuous fuel monitoring and saved us thousands of dollars of potential loss at the Midway Truck Stop.”

Martin Eagle Oil offers a full range of services to retail and commercial fueling companies.  It has a full fleet of trucks and equipment to offer a high level of attention, expertise and response to its customers.

“We are very excited about the savings we have provided to Martin Eagle Oil,” said Myra Canterbury, president of SIMMONS. “SIMMONS solutions typically provide an immediate return on investment, and the situation at Martin Eagle is a prime example of this benefit.”




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