Taco-Flavored Meat Snacks

In addition to the energy drinks it promotes, DNA Brands Inc. offers a line of meat snacks with bold flavors like Pizza with Romano and Parmesan cheese, Spicy Jalapeño and a Beefy Original profile. Now its Shred Stix line of one-ounce meat sticks is complimented with a new-to-the-industry flavor profile: Taco. Rip open the package and the smell alone is like a Mexican fast food chain, right under your nose. As a Florida-based company, DNA markets its items though various standard media channels, and with many action and extreme sports teams and individual athletes.
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  1. Beachgrl712 says:

    I was at an event in Florida and met the DNA folks. They let my kids try one of the taco flavored sticks and I tried it as well. My kids and I loved it! They also mentioned to me that it did not have msg in it which is important to me when buying my kids snacks.

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