Eco-friendly Option

Whirlwind Concepts Inc. in Spokane, Wash., has designed a washer fluid pump for gas stations, truck stops and car washes to allow its users to pump windshield washer fluid directly into their washer fluid reservoir under the hood of their car. Spenser the Washer Fluid Dispenser is an eco-friendly approach to the increasing problem of non-biodegradable landfill and oceanic waste that completely eliminates the need for the standard washer fluid jug. Not only does Spenser offer ecological benefits to convenience store owners, but earlier this year Spenser the Washer Fluid Dispenser entered the 2010 Utah Innovation Awards through its Salt Lake distributor, Charlie Schadewald, and was named runner up in the competition in the Outdoor/Consumer Products category.
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  1. ConservativeGirl says:

    Nice, That’s one way to rid our world of unnecessary plastic jugs!
    Thanks Whirlwind Concepts Inc.

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