Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold at Rutter’s

A $20 instant scratch-off ticket for the Million Dollar Cash Fever game resulted in a big prize for a lucky Rutter’s customer.

A winning million-dollar ticket was sold at Rutter’s Farm Store No. 4 in Wrightsville, Pa. Its winner claimed the prize for the ticket, which was purchased in early June, at the Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters in Middletown, Pa.

News of the million dollar winner comes just two months after a set of two $250,000 winning Mega Millions tickets were claimed by Rutter’s customers at two different Rutter’s locations in York County, Pa.

Unlike the Mega Millions tickets, which require participants to choose numbers, June’s winning ticket was a $20 instant scratch-off ticket for the Million Dollar Cash Fever game.  The game features three top prizes of $1 million and more than $44 million in total cash prizes.

Since Jan. 1, 2006, there have been 25 tickets worth $100,000 or more sold at Rutter’s stores. These 25 tickets alone add up to more than $8.6 million in winnings for Rutter’s customers.

In 2004, Rutter’s sold a winning ticket to what was at the time, the largest Powerball jackpot in history totaling $221.5 million dollars. The prize was split with a second winner from South Carolina.

York, Pa.-based Rutter’s Farm Stores offers all PA Lottery terminal-based daily number games as well as a variety of instant lottery games to hundreds of thousands of customers who visit its 56 convenience stores throughout Central Pennsylvania each week.




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