7-Eleven Makes Buying Greyhound Tickets Easy

“We continue to seek innovative ways to serve our guests and are looking forward to the potential growth of this type of service when we expand the program to our other stores in the U.S.,”says 7-Eleven spokesperson.

Greyhound and 7-Eleven Inc. are providing customers a more convenient way to purchase Greyhound tickets.

Now customers can book Greyhound tickets at Greyhound.com or by phone and complete their purchase with cash at participating 7-Eleven stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth (D/FW)Metroplex.

Through this partnership, Greyhound customers have more choices of where they can pay for their ticket, and those who do not have access to a credit or debit card can take advantage of discounts previously reserved for online-only purchases. The companies are testing this feature in the D/FW area at more than 270 7-Eleven locations for the next three months.

“Greyhound always is looking for ways to improve the ticket-buying experience and give customers the flexibility they need,” said Dave Leach, president and CEO, Greyhound. “We especially wanted to provide a higher level of service and convenience for customers who pay for their tickets with cash. This partnership with 7-Eleven allows us to serve more customers in the D/FW area and makes it easier for them to take advantage of discounted fares offered online.”

According to a February 2010 study conducted by CreditCards.com, a reported 29% of Americans do not have a credit card.  For these consumers, purchasing a Greyhound bus ticket with cash previously required a trip to a Greyhound terminal or the purchase of a pre-paid debit card.

“We believe this relationship with Greyhound offers many of our customers a valuable service,” said Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven Inc.’s senior vice president of merchandising, marketing and logistics. “We continue to seek innovative ways to serve our guests and are looking forward to the potential growth of this type of service when we expand the program to our other stores in the U.S.”

How it Works
The technology that enables 7-Eleven to tap into Greyhound’s booking system is powered by PayNearMe, a Mountain View, Calif., company that provides a cash transaction network. A customer can book their ticket two ways. To book online, customers go to www.greyhound.com, select their schedule and cash as their payment option. The selected schedule is placed on a courtesy hold for 48 hours. The customer prints a confirmation slip and takes it to a participating 7-Eleven store to pay for their ticket with cash within that 48-hour window.

To book by phone, a customer can pick up a special re-usable Greyhound card at any participating 7-Eleven store and call a toll-free number to book a ticket with a telephone agent. The customer hands the card to the 7-Eleven store associate who swipes it and accepts the cash payment. Whether booked online or over the phone, the 7-Eleven store associate provides the customer with a printed ticket and receipt upon payment, which allows them to proceed directly to the bus terminal and board without waiting in line at a ticket counter.





  1. This is a cool, new service. It sucks to want to get an internet discount only to have to go and spend an extra $5.00 on a visa gift card in order to get the discount. What would really be cool is if they just turn this into a Greyhound giftcard that can be reloaded and used just like a normal giftcard. They may as well since they are making cards and paying for a transaction service. Amtrak sells gift cards and gift certificates.

  2. Jimmy Reese says:

    Whats really bad is bringing my son from San Antonio to Corpus it costs us almost $80 if we send cash and $46 round trip if we pay online, but since he doesnt have the credit card in his name, they charge us a rediculus $18 gift fee, which is an insult considering he travels 3 to 4 times a summer to visit via greyhound, shame on you greyhound, young folks with handicaps and their parents deserve a break, and no he is not wheelchair handicapped, your handicap deal doesnt cover those type handicaps.

  3. Roberto Gomez says:

    how can I buy a ticket on 7 Eleven from Calexico, CA – San Diego, CA

  4. the fact that greyhound states you can selext which ountry you are from when booking yet only accepts american card is an insult n just racist. You cant do that! Also if 7 eleven can only collect a ticket i 48hr period whats point in booking in advance. You can then get it a few month later

  5. honey brown says:

    i don’t think its fair that you have to pay 18.00 that has went up from 15.00 but anyway even though the ticket is for me i have to pay 18.00 really? i use to love traveling via geyhound but i think that is going to end now megabus is very conient for where i need t travel..

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