MMCS Signs Oberon3

Oberon3’s Opiniator offers a performance management system for retailers using mobile phone surveys to help stores communicate with customers.

Miller Management and Consulting Services Inc. (MMCS), a consultancy based in Sanford, Fla., has signed an agreement to represent and assist Oberon3, the developer of the product, OPINIATOR.

Opiniator is a “moment of truth” feedback and performance management system using mobile phone surveys. The actionable analysis it delivers is credible, value-adding and the only reference source considered by its customers. MMCS Inc. provides sales and customer service support for Opiniator for the Convenience Channel of trade while supporting Opiniator sales growth.

Opiniator utilizes mobile phone capabilities to allow retailers instant access to communicate with their customers. This system provides analytics, diagnostics and the improvement tools, along with the immediate feedback needed to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape.

“Since I began my consulting business over 17 years ago, I have utilized my varied background, experience and knowledge to assist clients throughout the U.S. and around the world in finding unique opportunities for Brand development and profitability,” said Larry Miller, president of MMCS. “I offer marketing support, sales planning and develop go-to-market strategies to assist manufacturers and suppliers to bring new products and new technologies to the convenience retailing marketplace. I am very excited about this technology product, as I see immediate benefits for c-store retailers and for supply channel partners who are looking to improve service and enhance partnerships with the retailers they serve.”

Miller is an experienced retailer with extensive expertise on the supplier side as well. He has provided valuable insight for clients by recognizing and pointing out opportunities that are available in the Convenience & Foodservice Channels. With his varied experiences and successes, he can instinctively visualize how new products and services can be utilized by the Industry.

Opiniator has precise analytics, diagnostics and improvement tools that the customer will leverage to convert user opinions to business improvement actions that retain customers and gain competitive advantage.

“We are excited to be able to have Larry and his broad knowledge of retail in general, as well as his deep insight of the convenience retailing market as part of our team,” said Matt Selbie, CEO and founder of Oberon3.

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