Handee Marts Joins Dream Machine Recycling Initiative

For all the bottles and cans recycled in a Dream Machine, PepsiCo will support career training, education and job creation for post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities.

7-Eleven Handee Marts and PepsiCo have partnered to make available at more than 20 7-Eleven locations throughout Pittsburgh and the greater Pittsburgh area, increasing public access to recycling.

The adoption of the recycling initiative positions 7-Eleven Handee Marts as the first in Pittsburgh to offer its customers access to a convenient and rewarding option for recycling while on the go.

To commemorate the launch, 7-Eleven Handee Marts hosted an event at its 4501 Glen Eden Road location in Cranberry Township with representatives from PepsiCo, Waste Management, Greenopolis, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) and the Cranberry Township Manager’s Office.

“Handee Marts is extremely excited about the opportunity to be involved in this partnership. This gives us an opportunity to do the right thing in our communities while providing exciting rewards for our guests,” said Bruce Earhart, vice president of marketing for Handee Marts Inc. “We are also very pleased to participate in a program that provides assistance to our veterans.”

The Dream Machine recycling initiative, created by PepsiCo in partnership with Waste Management and Keep America Beautiful, is introducing thousands of recycling kiosks and bins at popular public locations across North America.  The kiosks are computerized receptacles that include a personal reward system, powered by Greenopolis, which allows consumers to earn points for every bottle or can they recycle in the kiosk. Those points can then be redeemed for local discounts on entertainment, dining and travel by visiting www.greenopolis.com.

In addition, the more bottles and cans people recycle in Dream Machines, the more support PepsiCo will provide to the EBV, a national program offering free, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities.

“We are so pleased that 7-Eleven Handee Marts is committed to environmental sustainability and has partnered with the Dream Machine program to make recycling kiosks available to consumers,” said Jeremy Cage, senior vice president of innovation and insights at PepsiCo and head of the Dream Machine recycling initiative.  “By recycling in a Dream Machine, those who shop at 7-Eleven locations can earn rewards and help make a real difference for our planet and in the lives of disabled U.S. veterans.”

“From our experience, successful recycling programs are fun, convenient and rewarding,” said Paul Ligon, managing director for Greenopolis, a Waste Management subsidiary. “As the largest residential recycler, Waste Management is proud to extend its Greenopolis program to these locations, since it means more materials being put to reuse, as well as a more sustainable Pittsburgh.”

To learn more about the Dream Machine: www.facebook.com/DreamMachine or www.dreammachinelocator.com




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