New Lagunas Premium Cigarettes

Kretek International Inc. has launched Lagunas brand premium imported cigarettes by Djarum in the U.S. The Lagunas blend was developed by an international team from Djarum and Kretek over a two-year period of blending and testing. Lagunas’ taste is characterized by a unique combination of tobaccos from the U. S., Brazil Indonesia, Turkey and Greece, blended for smoothness, enriched taste, and unique accents and characteristics. Lagunas is available in two styles: Smooth Select & Menthol Select. Lagunas is not a clove cigarette, making it an important venture for Djarum into Regular and Menthol product. The new brand is priced at a slight premium to major brand cigarettes like Marlboro and Camel, supported by its premium imported blend, but slightly below specialty brands like Dunhill, Natural American Spirit and Nat Sherman. The brand comes in a wide European Style 20-stick flip-top box with double bundled sections of 10-sticks each and 10 boxes per carton. The product is slightly slimmer than major brand cigarettes 7.3 millimeter in diameter, in keeping with current global trends.
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