Hangable Clamshell Containers

Inline Plastics Corp. has introduced the new Hangables line of clamshell containers, the newest version of the company’s Safe-T-Fresh line of products, and ideal for c-store retailers. The new Hangables version of the product line has a molded-in hang-tab to enable merchandising on racks and pegboard displays throughout the store. When the clamshell is closed the hang-tab pops up out of the hinge area and the container is ready for hanging. All Safe-T-Fresh containers incorporate a tamper-resistant locking mechanism and a unique patented tear-strip hinge, which is removed by the consumer to gain access to the contents of the container. This unique design eliminates the need for shrink-bands or wrap-around labels to prevent product tampering and is available in 8-, 12- or 16-ounce rectangular sizes.

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  1. Emily Smith says:

    I think this is a neat idea. I wonder if there is anywhere I can buy clamshell packaging that is able to be hung up. This would be great for organizing a lot of the stuff in my kitchen. I will have to do some research.
    Emily Smith | http://montepkg.com/shop_category.asp?CatAbbr=CL

  2. Zach Thalman says:

    That is a handy package. I actually really like the clam shell packaging because you can reuse the packages for other things. I like them because they are really good to store kids toys. I would really like to know if you can purchase these from the manufacturers directly. It would be nice to get clean ones that don’t have any product in them.

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