Clark Brands Signs Scher-Cash and Belmont Carson Petroleum

Clark is assisting Scher-Cash and Belmont Carson Petroleum with the installation of the new image at all 14 locations that are set to be converted to the Clark brand.

Clark Brands LLC today announced that Scher-Cash Inc., based in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, and Belmont Carson Petroleum Corp., based in Bridgeport, Ohio, have branded with Clark.

Scher-Cash is currently retro-fitting 11 locations in eastern Ohio and neighboring West Virginia with the Clark brand. Belmont Carson Petroleum is rebranding three locations in the same area.

Clark is confident that signing these marketers will foster a resurgence of the Clark brand along the Ohio River and in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Clark is assisting Scher-Cash and Belmont Carson Petroleum in the install of the new image at all 14 locations.

Clark will also continue to provide support in the form of customized branding and marketing programs for both Scher-Cash and Belmont Carson Petroleum.

“We are pleased and excited to have Scher-Cash and Belmont Carson Petroleum representing Clark in this area,” said Karl Goodhouse, president and CEO of Clark Brands. “Our association with Scher-Cash and The Loading Zone convenience store brand will create a strong market presence for the Clark brand in southeast Ohio, West Virginia and northwest Kentucky.”

“We’re very pleased with the comprehensive Clark branding,” said Charles Scherich, president of Scher-Cash. “Combined with the excellent service and support, we’re improving our operation significantly– and saving money.”

“We were able to bring on new stores as we were ready,” said Derek Porter, executive vice president of Scher-Cash. “The staff at Clark is extremely flexible. They even helped us with custom reporting to make our back office process that much easier.”

Clark Brands owns the Clark family of brands. The company licenses the Clark gasoline brand and the Four Corners Coffee brand to independent petroleum marketers and retailers. Clark also processes credit card and payments transactions for independent fuel stations, in 28 states and the District of Columbia.


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