New and Improved JOOSE

A new year marks the beginning of a new era for expanding demographics, increasing retailer traffic, and adding to your bottom line. United Brands Co. has taken a giant leap forward to grow the flavored malt beverage (FMB) category by introducing JOOSE 12-ounce glass bottles. The user-friendly, 12-ounce bottle lineup, now with 8.5% alcohol by volume, made its debut early this year with new flavors like Cherry-Lime and Más Mango, along with popular flavors like Dragon JOOSE, Raspberry Lemonade and Green Apple. The new 12-ounce bottles appeal to a wider range of demographics giving the brand an opportunity to thrive in new channels such as grocery and mass merchant accounts. Each JOOSE product is made with natural flavors. United Brands plans to introduce additional bold new flavors throughout 2011.
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