Rutter’s Takes Top Honors in Best of York Voting

Rutter’s Farm Stores topped several 2010 Best of York categories, as voted on by readers’ of the York Daily Record, including best milk, and best quick serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rutter’s coffee finished second among voters in the “Best Coffee” category.

“Our customers have proven time and time again to be our greatest resource for tips and suggestions about our menu, “ said Jerry Weiner, vice president of foodservice for Rutter’s Farm Stores. “We read each suggestion that comes to us and implement change when possible. It’s a beautiful thing to know that our customers voted us as the best in York because we try to be the best for our customers every day,” continued Weiner.

The one-of-a-kind additions to the menu at many of Rutter’s stores in the last few years have given customers lots to love. Scrambled breakfast bowls, new appetizers and snacks like fried pickles and egg rolls as well as dinner choices like pot roast and mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs and stir fry undoubtedly set Rutter’s menu apart from the competition.

Menus vary from store to store, and customers can look up the menu options at each farm store using Rutter’s mobile app or logging onto

Kiosk touch screen ordering is available at many of the stores. The order system streamlines and simplifies the ordering process while providing an efficient method of order delivery to the restaurant staff.

Rutter’s employees strive to “Take Four,” which means to take 4 minutes or less to have any sandwich made to each customer’s request.

The Best of York 2010 voting ended March 11th, 2011. The results were announced in the Sunday, May 22, 2011 edition of the.

Rutter’s Farm Stores is a family-run enterprise with nearly 60 stores in six Pennsylvania counties.



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    well it is mandatory for their employees to vote! wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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