Action West Group Selects Aldata

Food broker improves product placement and sales with detailed planograms for perishable products.

Action West Group, a food broker specializing in the representation of both branded and corporate brand perishable retail grocery product lines, has partnered with Aldata Solution, a global provider of retail and distribution improvement software.

Action West is using the Apollo Space Optimization solution to increase production and provide deeper analysis of product plans in order to improve sales and profitability for its customers.

Action West Group, which was founded in 2007, specializes in perishable food departments including meat, seafood, bakery and service deli. As a broker between more than 150 food manufacturers and thousands of retail locations, Action West Group delivers the expertise and knowledge required to help manufacturers ensure that their products make it into the mix at retail in an efficient and effective manner. With Apollo, Action West Group brokers can quickly and easily create planograms and schematics for retail customers, ensuring that selection and space planning reflects individual store shelf layouts and customer shopping preferences.

“We now have a tool that allows us to create opportunities to sell our clients’ products based on facts and accurate information. Automating the planogram process from traditional spreadsheets and drawings provides us with a competitive advantage, especially within the perishable goods department,” said Andy Keeler, president of Canyon State Sales for Action West Group’s Arizona division. “With Apollo, we know our plans are going to work properly providing benefit to both our manufacturing clients and retail customers. Apollo takes us to the next level.”

Aldata’s Apollo Space Optimization is a collection of market-proven software solutions that give retailers the ability to automate planogram production while enabling consistent, accurate execution of category plans and new product launches at any required granular level.

“We are pleased that Apollo is becoming the de facto standard when it comes to space optimization for Action West Group,” said Shaun Bossons, senior vice president, Aldata.  “They understand the value that technology can bring to perishables, a traditionally difficult area of the retail industry when it comes to planning, and have taken advantage of the capabilities that Apollo provides. We are looking forward to a continued partnership that keeps Action West Group ahead of the competition.”





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