Smart Phone Payments Are Coming

Is your c-store mobile smart phone payment enabled yet? The game is changing and your cheese is about to be stolen—again!

Boy, it sure has been a rough couple of years in the industry, and now that I think about it, the last three years have been rather tough for a good many sectors in our economy—question is—is it going to get any better? Well, yes there are some good signs on the horizon, and also a few thunderclouds.

For instance, the consumers are starting to come back, but commodity prices have risen sharply, and consumers are using their credit cards less. Then in walks “mobile smart phone payments” from a side door. Yes, the stage is set, and new characters are coming through.

But like anything, chaos and crisis often provide opportunity for the smart entrepreneur. Now let’s assume that you are a smart entrepreneur, and your customers are already asking you if they can use their mobile iPhone App to pay for their purchases. If you say no, you will be met with a grimace, and a dirty look, like, “What’s your problem?”

Remember, this up-and-coming generation is quite demanding, and they want to do business on their terms, and if you want their money you should be cognizant of this fact and work to satisfy their desires and needs to play with their high-tech toys, and personal tech devices.

So my question to you is are you ready for the mobile smart phone payments blitz? But, what if you don’t take smart phone payments—then what? Well then my friend, you won’t get that business, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation would we? It is definitely something to think about, because the future is rapidly approaching, and if you want the business you are going to have to meet the new high-tech consumer’s demands.

You should be!

By Lance Winslow



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