Rutter’s Beefs Up Menu Options

Oatmeal, by-the-slice cheesecake among new items.

York, Pa.-based Rutter’s Farm Stores is pleased to introduce four new delicacies; oatmeal, cheesecake, pretzel dogs and fried green beans, to its expanding touch screen menu, whetting the appetites of Rutter’s customers across central Pennsylvania.

“Adding oatmeal to our breakfast offering was an easy decision to make,” says Jerry Weiner, vice president of Food Service. “We wanted to expand our appeal at breakfast time to a wider span of people as well as continue to offer healthy options.”  The oatmeal is maple and brown sugar-flavored, and has granola, brown sugar, or raisins available as toppings with each serving.

Pellman’s cheesecake, a central Pennsylvania favorite, is now available by the slice from the touch screen menu in three delectable flavors: plain, chocolate chip and strawberry swirl.

The pretzel dog is as simple and delicious as it sounds. Customers can choose between salted and unsalted versions of the pretzel, which wraps around the hot dog. Each customer may also choose from ketchup, mustard and nacho cheese to pair with the snack.

Fried green beans offer a delicious alternative to traditional side items. They can be ordered by themselves as a snack, or as a side in a combo meal as well as an option in the kid’s meal combo.

The addition of these new items will expand the range of appetites attracted to the Rutter’s menu, while introducing new tastes to those already partial to Rutter’s food.

Rutter’s Farm Stores is a family-owned and managed enterprise that operates 55 convenience stores throughout south central Pennsylvania.






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