Kum & Go Receives Energy Efficiency Leader Award

Five newly opened stores are expected to consume 20% less energy thanks to efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions.

By Erin Rigik, associate editor.

Kum & Go’s commitment to environmental stewardship has earned it the “Energy Efficiency Leader Award” from Hussmann and Trane, both brands of Ingersoll Rand, for adopting sustainable energy and operational efficiency solutions at many of its more than 430 stores in 11 states.

(From left) John Feldman, vice president of construction with Kum & Go; Aaron Harrington, sales director for Hussmann; Kyle Krause, president and CEO of Kum & Go; and Todd Taylor, sales representative for Hussmann.

“At Kum & Go, we deeply believe in making a difference for future generations through our innovative and eco-friendly store designs, emphasis on energy efficiencies and ongoing sustainability efforts,” Catherine Huggins, a spokesperson for Kum & Go, told CSD. “This national recognition by Hussmann and Trane reinforces our role as a responsible retailer and good environmental steward.”

Trane is a global provider of indoor comfort systems and services and Hussmann is a provider of display cases, refrigeration systems, installation and service to food retailers.

Aaron Harrington, sales director at Hussmann, presented the award to Kyle Krause, president and CEO of Kum & Go, on April 5 at one of the chain’s newest stores in Urbandale, Iowa. The location is one of five recently built units expected to consume 20% less energy than a traditional store thanks to efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions.

Environmentally Focused
In September 2010, Krause announced a new eco-friendly store design initiative for Kum & Go, to be built throughout the company’s geographic footprint. “We have a duty to be environmentally responsible. It is a serious responsibility that continually benefits our customers and the communities in which we do business,” Krause said. “We will continue to dedicate ourselves to building eco-friendly stores now and in the future.”

The new store design calls for approximately 5,000 square feet of space, constructed with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building requirements in mind. Materials used for construction will be sustainable and locally sourced when possible. A larger parking area and two entrances will be added with the intention of assisting traffic flow, and most stores will feature more fuel dispensers than previously designed locations.

Stores also will feature Solatube skylights that provide natural light, decreasing the energy used in overhead lighting. LED lights will be used in exterior lighting to reduce energy consumption. Advanced refrigeration systems will also be installed with LED lighting in the coolers. The stores will be on an automated system that will regulate energy use and lighting systems in order to create a more energy efficient store.

Kum & Go expects its new stores in Clive and Urbandale, Iowa, to generate nearly $7,000 each in energy rebates from local energy provider Mid-American Energy.

The five new stores feature customized HVACR solutions that can easily be modified to meet future industry trends and demands. Kum & Go’s construction and facilities team spent more than six months working with an energy audit team to identify the most efficient options before selecting the HVACR solutions for the new stores.

Each store uses a multiplex refrigeration system based on its cooling demand. This system removes excess building heat and reduces the need for the larger HVAC systems typically required in c-stores. Kum & Go’s stores also feature a packaged rooftop HVAC system with one of the highest efficiency ratings available.


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