Tedeschi Adds Skinny Water

Enhanced zero-calorie water meets customer demand for better-for-you beverages.

Tedeschi Food Shops is adding Skinny Water, a zero-calorie enhanced water at all 190 store locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

With the addition of these stores, Skinny Water is now available in 7,486 retail locations nationwide.

“As consumers search for ‘healthier-for-you-beverages,’ Skinny Water’s latest authorization at Tedeschi’s will now allow the on-the-go consumers to experience the great taste of Skinny Water across New England,” said Joseph Gisondi, vice president of National Retail Sales for Skinny Water. “Skinny Water will be a great complement to the line of beverages that Tedeschi’s is now providing to its customers. We are proud to offer New England residents another retailer to purchase their Skinny Water on the go.”

Skinny Water and Tedeschi Food Shops plan to cultivate their relationship and brand awareness through various advertising mediums, including circular/ad sales, displays, sampling events and joint promotions.

The Skinny Water lineup features eight flavors, including Acai Grape Blueberry (Hi-Energy), Raspberry Pomegranate (Crave Control), Lemonade Passionfruit (Total-V), Orange Cranberry Tangerine (Wake Up) and as part of its ‘Sport’ line: Blue Raspberry (Fit), Pink Berry Citrus (Power), Kiwi Lime (Active) and Goji Black Cherry (Shape). Every bottle of Skinny Water has key electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins, and has zero calories, sugar, and sodium and no preservatives, with all natural colors and flavors.



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