CITGO Launches 2011 Ad Campaign

Real people, stories and local impact highlighted in campaign.

CITGO Petroleum Corp. is launching its new multi-faceted advertising campaign featuring real people and stories of CITGO.

All elements of the campaign highlight the unique local impact of the brand on communities and individuals across the country and the ongoing commitment to “doing good” displayed by CITGO and its network of more than 6,000 locally owned stations.

Covering each and every market within the 27 states and the District of Columbia served by the CITGO brand, this year’s campaign features various combinations of national television, spot television, radio, billboards, print, online placements and promotions.

“We are proud of the amazing ways that the real people in our campaign find to give back to their local communities through charity, education and employment opportunities,” said Daniel Cortez, vice president, government and public affairs with CITGO Petroleum. “Our 2011 campaign is designed to showcase their stories and give maximum exposure to the true faces of CITGO – the local owners and operators, employees and consumers. Our goal with this campaign is that more consumers will recognize people they know and so will better connect with our great brand.”

In developing the 2011 ad campaign, CITGO, and its advertising agency partner bvk, worked closely with researchers, consumers and local Marketers and Retailers to identify the themes and messages that resonated with audiences. These results were the foundation of a campaign that features the following real people:

• Chris, a North Carolina-based CITGO Retailer who raises money for local schools through the CITGO store his family owns

• Brad a muscle car enthusiast from Wisconsin who relies on the guaranteed high quality CITGO fuel to keep his dream machine running

• Jenn, founder and operator of Bess the Book Bus, who uses fuel donated through the CITGO Fueling Good program to improve child literacy across the U.S.

•  Jinger, a CITGO Marketer who is committed to raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association to help find a cure

• Musheer and Nikko, car enthusiasts who trust the guaranteed good gas at their neighborhood CITGO stations

• David, a CITGO employee who works in the refinery and gives back to his community by volunteering for local causes

• Angela, a CITGO consumer who supports local businesses and goes out of her way to fuel up at her local CITGO station.

To complement the advertising campaign, CITGO plans to continue the evolution of Fueling Good, a program that recognizes and rewards charities and community programs that are doing good across the CITGO network. Beginning June 1, 2011, these groups will be invited to submit their stories at for a chance to win a share of nearly $120,000 in CITGO fuel. Through online voting and updates via social and digital media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, consumers and charities can track their local heroes and help expand the reach and success of those making a difference in their community.

“Fueling Good is a core philosophy throughout the corporation and extends directly to our consumers. It encompasses all of the good that is created by CITGO through our expansive operations; from the locally owned CITGO stations in your neighborhood that raise money and keep local charities fueled, to our three company-owned refineries which produce high quality gas and diesel fuel, and the industry leading customer service and support teams that guarantee our products,” added Cortez. “We are excited by the opportunity to expand the number of Fueling Good prizes in 2011 and expand the reach of our Fueling Good message through the broad advertising program.”













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