Excentus Corp. Announces Employee Promotions

New CAO and president/COO take the helm at Excentus Corp.

Excentus Corp. has appointed Brandon Logsdon as president and chief operating officer and Jim Mills as chief administrative officer of the company.Excentus Corp.

The appointments were announced at a recently company town hall meeting by Dickson Perry, founder, chairman and CEO of Excentus Corp., a provider of  marketing and providing marketing and promotional programs and services utilizing fuel discounts as the ultimate consumer reward.

Brandon Logsdon
Logsdon joined Excentus in May of 2002 and has been serving as executive vice president and General Manager since 2005. During this time Logsdon played a key role in successfully transforming the company’s fuel discount rewards business from its early concepts to reality through the development of strategic technology, partnerships and internal resources. This includes the initial development and deployment of the company’s industry leading Reward Marketplace Host, the launch of the company’s fuelperks! Marketing Program and the execution of the company’s recently announced long-term strategic alliance with Shell.

“Brandon joined the company almost 10 years ago to assist me with strategic planning and business development with minimal knowledge or experience in our business and industry,” said Perry. “Since then Brandon has been a significant contributor and leader in our success and has become a recognized industry leader as well. It is with great confidence that we recognize him with this new appointment as he continues his efforts and leadership for the company’s plans and operations into the future.”

In his new role, Logsdon will be responsible for the execution of all day-to-day sales and marketing activities, customer support efforts and technical development and operations for the company’s Fuel Rewards and Centego businesses. In addition, he will continue to support Mr. Perry with strategic business and corporate development efforts as well as in the development and execution of the company’s long-term visions and strategies.

Jim Mills
Mills joined Excentus in May of 1997 and has most recently been serving the company as executive vice president, Corporate Services. In this function, Mills played a key role in supporting the growth of the business through his leadership and building of vital areas of the company’s infrastructure including accounting, human resources and the financial clearing operations for the company’s Fuel Rewards business unit. In addition, Mills serves as corporate secretary for the company’s board of directors and played a critical role in the acquisition and integration of the assets acquired from MetroSplash into the company’s Centego business unit.

“Jim joined the company a little over a year after I started it and had previously worked for me for several years at EDS,” said Perry, “He is greatly respected within the company and by our customers and has been a significant contributor and leader in our success.”

As CAO Mills will continue to play a critical role in leading the investment and efforts in improving and expanding the company’s infrastructure to support the efforts of Logsdon, as well as continuing to support Perry in the leadership and operation of the company’s board of directors.


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