Ko! Ko! Ko! KoKo’s Candy Christmas

The holiday season has come early with a sleigh full of new KoKo’s candies. Let these festive treats deck your retail aisles during this year’s winter season.

KoKo’s Confections introduces:

The new and improved Gingerbread House Kit from KoKo’s featuring Mike and Ike. What better way to celebrate the season than to decorate a 14.7-ounce gingerbread house, fixed with royal white icing, classic Mike and Ike candies and a gummy wreath. Twelve family fun kits are available per case; each kit including a decorator bag for easy assembly and a collection of sweet candy, frosting and baked gingerbread. With KoKo’s Gingerbread House kit, customers let their creativity build an original and festive treat.


Light-Up Lollipop. This one-ounce pop is available in either strawberry or watermelon and comes in the classic Christmas colors red or green. Shaped to resemble an actual Christmas light-bulb, this treat glows when the handle is squeezed. Each case holds two, 12-count live displays.


Cupcake Lollipop. Cupcakes are the hottest bakery trend and now customers can enjoy them in a new form. New 1.76 ounce Christmas themed Cupcake Lollipops include the sweet flavors of strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry. The 18-count, open-front festive display resembles a holiday-themed bakery window. Tasty and eye-catching, Cupcake Lollipops are sweet stocking stuffers and come available as four boxes per case.


Liquid Candy Cane Squeeze Candy & Finger Puppets. Holiday-themed and topping an easy to open lid, this mess-free cap allows customers to enjoy 1.12-ounces of sweet liquid candy with individual flavors including “Wintermelon,” “Blizzard Berry” and “Snow Berry.”  The open front displays convey the essence and colors of the winter season: four 18-count displays are available per case.


Penguin Lollipop Bouquets. Three separate 1.59-ounce penguin lollipops are cuddled together, tied with a presentable blue ribbon to create a cute bouquet. Each winter-ready penguin pack delivers the sweet taste of strawberry in an 18-count display. Available as two displays per case.


For More Information From Koko’s Confectionery and Novelty, a division of A&A Global Industries:
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  1. kimjessnella says:

    can I purchase these for a 7 yr old penguin party?

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