Flavor Burst

Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel CombosRetailers, get ready to fire up your salty snack sales with the zesty combination of Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese surrounded by a crunchy pretzel exterior in new COMBOS Baked Snacks/Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel. This new, limited-edition item joins COMBOS’ seven permanent flavor combinations for just six months. This cheesy, crunchy snack is made with real cheese and is oven baked to create a hearty snack that satisfies hunger. Eye-catching packaging entices consumers with a photograph highlighting the flavor combination inside—a spicy chicken wing dipping into blue cheese. Packaging also includes prominent Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) nutrition labeling that enables consumers to make an informed snack choice at the point of purchase. The snack carries a suggested price of $1.99-$2.29 for a seven-ounce medium peg bag.
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