Chocolate Treats

Chocolaty snack cakes have risen to a new level. Mrs. Freshley’s has unveiled three items featuring Hershey’s quality products–Chocolate Bells, Chocolate Chip Muffins and Chocolate Pie. Now made with Hershey’s cocoa, Chocolate Bells are moist chocolate cakes with a cream filling and rich coating. The new chocolate chip muffin is studded with Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips, adding sensational flavor to every bite. The chocolate filling between the sweet, glazed crust of Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Pie also is now made with HERSHEY’S cocoa. The Chocolate Bells and Chocolate Chip Muffins are available in single-serve two packs and six-count individually wrapped multi-packs. The Chocolate Pie is available in a 4.5-ounce single-serve pack. All three items are available at convenience stores nationwide.
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