Vendgogh Debuts Next Generation Green Vending Solutions


Vendgogh LLC, a provider of integrated gas island vending solutions, has introduced its next generation “green” vending solutions aimed at creating the ultimate shopper experience for gas island customers.

The new machines will include a patented, first-of-its-kind dual sided delivery system that incorporates up to four user interfaces in a single vending machine. This new design will enable a single vending system to support up to four fueling stations, taking the place of four of Vendgogh’s first generation systems yielding a 64% cost reduction. The units will be UL-approved, Energy Star compliant and expand the drink selections from six to eight. They will take up less space on the gas island and dramatically decrease hardware and electrical costs while reducing restocking time and effort.

Vendgogh’s new systems also expects to incorporate audio and video capability with a 10.4-inch color display to enhance the shopper experience with static and full motion video and audio messaging. This new capability will offer convenience store owners the ability to deliver advertising and promotions for themselves and their suppliers.

“Our next generation machines offer state-of-the-art technology and substantial savings to convenience store owners while helping them create a better shopper experience for their gas island customers,” said Tim Stickney, Vendgogh vice president engineering and technology.  “At the same time, we wanted to create a more environmentally safe system with global benefits that go beyond the convenience store and their gas customers.”

In 2010, Vendgogh and WilcoHess teamed with Allied Electronics and Pinnacle Corp. to deliver the first integrated gas island vending solutions at selected WilcoHess locations in North Carolina. This latest announcement is intended to further enhance the customer experience at the pump while focusing on energy efficiency for cost savings and environmental impact.

The next generation systems from Vendgogh are expected to be ready for new customer deliveries in the second quarter of 2011.


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