Family Express Selects Retalix

Retalix to optimize fresh product inventory management and reduce out-of-stocks for Family Express.

Valparaiso, Ind.-based convenience store chain Family Express, plans to reduce out-of-stocks, enhance the quality of its center-of-store product and fresh product offerings, and optimize its inventory position with Retalix’s Demand-Driven Replenishment solution.

“We conducted a detailed search of industry vendors who could help us better manage our total product inventory while providing a seamless integration with our existing IT systems. A quick deployment and user-friendly interface were also required. Retalix met all criteria, and was clearly the best choice,” said Bill Nolan, vice president, marketing of Family Express. “Retalix’s Demand-Driven Replenishment solution offers one of the most robust, feature-rich systems on the market, and the depth of its intuitive analytics made our decision very easy.”

In this project, Retalix will integrate its Demand-Driven Replenishment solution with the retailer’s existing pricing, merchandising and point-of-sale (POS) software solutions to create a seamless and efficient demand-based replenishment system. The rollout will begin this year across all Family Express locations in Northwest and North Central Indiana.

“As proven with our customers, the Demand-Driven Replenishment solution has been very beneficial to retailers in both the convenience and grocery industries, often providing improved out-of-stock results of less than one percent, compared to the industry average of eight percent, and leading to increased sales and margins as well as enhanced customer satisfaction and retention,” said Roy Simrell, president of Retalix USA. “With this solution, Family Express will now increase visibility and control over its inventory management—especially for fresh items—which will help them cut costs, grow sales and enhance the overall customer experience.”

Retalix’s Demand-Driven Replenishment solution is part of the Retalix Merchandising Solution Suite. It is a solution designed specifically for food and fast-moving consumer goods retailers, to optimize inventory management and positions, reduce out-of-stocks and streamline the order process. It is based on Microsoft technologies, and is comprised of four core modules: Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management, Order Optimization, and Analytics, and it contains advanced proprietary algorithms to interpret demand and optimize replenishment orders. Retailers using the Demand-Driven Replenishment solution have reported significant out-of-stock reductions, decreased inventory levels and inventory costs and lower spoilage of perishable products.


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