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Equal sweetenersMerisant Co., the manufacturer of Equal, is introducing the Equal Smart Pack, which contains all three leading zero-calorie sweetener categories in one box: Equal Classic Blue (250 count), new Equal Yellow (500 count) and new Equal Pink (250 count). The Equal Smart Pack was created to meet all the zero-calorie sweetener needs of foodservice operators in one convenient box at a competitive price, delivering high-quality products with the taste patrons expect. The new Smart Pack is also easy to store and helps to reduce excess inventory of zero-calorie sweeteners. The Equal Smart Pack is an extension of a nationally branded offering, which includes the four zero-calorie sweetener “colors” under the Equal and Pure Via brand names. This development allowed Merisant to market “yellow” (sucralose) and “pink” (saccharin) offerings under the Equal name and offer a best-in-category value on Pure Via, a stevia-based sweetener.
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