Mars Extends Partnership With Joe Gibbs Racing

“From connecting with NASCAR fans to engaging our retail partners, our partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing has proved to be tremendously successful,” says Mars spokesperson.

Mars Inc. announced its continuing its partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) through a new multi-year deal.

The deal extends the winning partnership that has brought the No. 18 Toyota to victory lane 14 times since 2008. The centerpiece of the partnership continues to be the popular M&M’S brand as the primary paint scheme on JGR’s No. 18 Toyota.

“From connecting with NASCAR fans to engaging our retail partners, our partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing has proved to be tremendously successful,” said Debra Sandler, chief consumer officer at Mars Chocolate North America. “We’re thrilled to extend this partnership and look forward to celebrating more wins both on and off the track.”

“Mars and its iconic brands are a big part of the Joe Gibbs Racing family and we’re excited to continue what has become a winning relationship,” added Joe Gibbs, owner of Joe Gibbs Racing. “We are blessed through our relationship with Mars and the privilege to continue our partnership for years to come. Their brands have been a big part of our sport for a long time and we’re honored to carry them on the No. 18. Everyone at JGR is committed to ensuring they experience the type of success on and off the track deserving of such an outstanding company.”

“Our partnership has worked so well because everyone at Mars welcomed us from the very beginning and it’s grown from there,” said Kyle Busch, driver of the No. 18 Toyota for JGR. “This is great news for everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing and our fans, but also shows how dedicated Mars is to our sport. We’ve really enjoyed our trips to victory lane with all of the Mars brands and we are committed to doing our part to continue a winning partnership and friendship.”

The multi-year partnership will continue the current level of Mars sponsorship of the No. 18 Toyota in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the sport’s top series.



  1. You MUST insist that Joe Gibbs fire Kyle Busch. Mars candy does not need to be associated with an IDIOT like Busch. Friday night’s actions was not the first time for this fool. He is a hazard to everyone on the track. Get him off the track. As a sponsor you have an unlimited amount of influence with Gibbs Racing.   Billy F. McLean

  2. There are a lot of good guys in nascar why would any one want to be connected to
    Kyle Busch. He is a time bomb, the final explosion will be when someone gets killed
    or seriously hurt the bad really outweighs the good
    .Joe Gibbs Racing and Mars need to move on with only two races to go he should be replaced in the off season.  NASCAR DOES NOT NEED KYLE BUSCH

  3. In light of the actions of Kyle Busch in the NASCAR truck race last Friday night, I strongly believe it would be in the best interest of your reputation as a family-targeted product to break ties with JGR unless they agree to release Kyle Busch. There has been nothing family oriented regarding his behavior since he has been with JGR and he’s received multiple warnings from NASCAR. My 11-yr-old daughter gets only one warning, he’s an adult and knows better that to behave in the manner in which he has conducted himself but he has continued to get away with it. I have lost respect for the Gibbs Organization and if you continue your partnership with them, my family will be forced to find another candy company to support. I know this won’t bankrupt you, but if enough people are as fed up with this immoral young man then the results will eventually have an affect on your company. Please stand up and show our children what is right and moral.

    Robin M. Reeves

  4. Its too bad that Robin and her 11 daughter live in a bubble!  If Robin is so concerned with Kyle Busch and his actions I would like to know who the model driver is that she supports.  There’s not a driver in NASCAR thats not wrecked another. 

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